Launch Control

Launch Control holds the vehicle RPM at a static point when full throttle is applied and whilst the vehicle is stationary. Once the vehicle begins to move power is introduced gradually to allow for a quick getaway with minimal wheel slip.

ByteFLASH software supports adding launch control on a number of ECU's including Volkswagen EDC15P (typically fitted to the 1.9 PD engines) along with VW Audi group DSG transmissions, some Siemens control units, a number of Ford and Renault ECU's plus most BMW's from 2009 onwards. If you're looking to add Launch Control to your vehicle, get in touch, and we'll see what we can do!

ByteFLASH Touch

ByteFLASH Touch handheld programmers can support Launch Control on VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda and BMW engine control units only. If you're looking to add launch control to another type of control unit you will need to visit a ByteFLASH installer.

Visiting an Installer

All approved ByteFLASH installers can offer Launch Control on supported engine control units. Not all ByteFLASH installers can support launch control on DSG/S-Tronic gearboxes. If you're looking to add launch control to your DSG/S-Tronic gearbox, please get in touch with us.