Sound Tuning

Sound Tuning software adds over-run crackles, burbles or pops. When lifting off the throttle we continue to inject fuel and retard ignition timing to provide these sounds from the vehicles exhaust.

Sound Tuning is enabled from the factory on some vehicles, for example the Audi RS6 and RS7 from MY 2015 onwards. ByteFLASH now brings this feature to a large number of vehicles, ranging from small hatchbacks to supercars. Get in touch with us to see if your vehicle is supported!

ByteFLASH Touch

Where a vehicle is supported on the ByteFLASH Touch handheld OBD programmer, the end user can install Sound Tuning software on their vehicle at home.

Visiting an Installer

All approved ByteFLASH installers can offer Sound Tuning software installation where the vehicle is supported. No physical modifications are required to vehicles to enable Sound Tuning software installation, the ByteFLASH agent will simply upload our Sound Tuning software to your vehicles engine control unit.

UK Law

If you are located outside of the UK, please check your local laws. For UK customers and installers, it is illegal to modify the exhaust system of a vehicle to make it louder than its original type approval. Sound Tuning software is designed to support motorsport applications.

Further information can be found on the UK government website here.